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juicyjane's Journal

26 June
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acting, adventure, animals, anne rice, antique rings, bars, beatles, being far from home, being me, being naked, blink182, bloodhound gang, board games, bondage, boys, broadway, brushing my hair, camping, cher, chick flicks, chocolate, clubbing, coffee, comedies, concerts, cosmopolitan, cranberries, craziness, crazy eddie, custom, dancing, dashboard confessional, dogs, dragons, drama, dreams, drinking, drinking water, eating ice, falling leaves, fetishes, fight club, flogging molly, flowers, frappaccino, french, friends, getting kissed, girls night out, gone with the wind, hair color, hair dye, halloween, happy endings, having death-defying adventures, holding hands, hoobastank, horror stories, horseback riding, horses, ice skating, italy, jello shots, jimmy eat world, kissing, labs, laughing, laughing til i cry, les miserables, maroon5, metallica, mississippi state university, mixed drinks, movies, music, musicals, new found glory, nighttime, no doubt, ohio, our lady peace, paris, parties, people, phantom of the opera, piercing, pink, plays, procrastinating, public relations, puppies, rain, reading, road trips, rollerblading, sad movies, scary movies, sex, shitzus, shopping, silver, sitting on santa's lap, sledding, sleeping late, snow skiing, spontaneity, stabbing westward, starkville, stars, stephen king, summer, sweet tea, taking pictures, talking, tattoos, tennis, the doves, theatre, thunderstorms, traveling, vampires, violent femmes, water ballon fights, waterbeds, weekends, weezer, wishing on a star, yoga